We’re studying in Vienna!

Hallo an alle,

My name is Elizabeth, my friends and family call me Damola, and I’m currently a junior studying Agricultural Economics with a concentration in Sales & Marketing at Purdue University! I’ll be spending the first semester of my senior year studying abroad in Vienna, Austria at the University of Natural and Life Sciences (BOKU). Way to start my final year of college, right? Haha.

Prior to starting college, studying abroad was something I knew I wanted to do but couldn’t plan for because I didn’t know much about it. After starting college, the heavy course load and sudden commitments made no time to sit down and plan for studying abroad. During the 2nd semester of my sophomore year, I took a persuasion class and that changed my entire game plan. Coincidentally, the topic for my final project was study abroad! Looking back at it, it’s almost as if I was handed the time and was forced to find the information I’d been longing to know about studying abroad.

This was also the same semester that I found out that I could graduate a semester early, so I was a bit skeptical. After our video presentations for the final project, I just knew I had to incorporate a semester abroad into my schedule somehow. I was faced with a few difficult questions like: when should I go? Where should I go? How will I pay for it? Will I be able to take the classes I need? How am I going to share my vision with my parents? With the help of my academic advisor, study abroad advisor and a few other people, I was able to find the answers to my questions and the solutions to any roadblocks that were in my way to studying abroad!

I’ll be using this blog as a tool to helping other students who may be thinking about studying abroad and what they should consider before and after making that decision. I’ll also be using it as a platform of sharing my experiences while studying in Vienna and exploring Europe!

Pack your bags (jk), we’re arriving in Vienna, Austria in 74 days!

Schonbrunn Palace

Bis bald,



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