The anticipation is killing me.

Hey everyone!

I’m officially flying out of Indianapolis on Feb. 1st at 2:32PM and arriving in Vienna on February 2nd at 11:30AM. It seems that spending the semester abroad is approaching quicker than I anticipated (since acceptance, lol), and I don’t even know where to start with packing. I figured it would be better to wait until about two weeks before February 1st. Even though I know I have the entire month of January to get prepared, it feels like there will never be enough time to mentally prepare myself for leaving everything and everyone I’ve known in the US for an entire 5 months. Looking into the city life and culture of Vienna always puts my mind at ease. Some people have compared it to living in Chicago, being that there’s always something to do. I like that a lot. While working in the downtown area of Lafayette last summer, I discovered that I definitely enjoying exploring my surroundings. I love how vintage and artsy it is downtown, I’d choose it over West Lafayette any day (only if I had to). I know adventure awaits in Vienna! 😀

I’m hoping to get a good quality, portable camera to record videos and take pictures, the DSLR camera will be too much to lug around. I also need to get an electricity adapter/voltage converter for my electronics. The latter is actually very important. Besides those two things, all I need to do is pack. I’ve been told everything else can be purchased there.

Oh! I also have my apartment information and address. It’s beautiful *tear*. It’s basically a studio apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, etc. International students have the option to book their housing through Oead, and they have some pretty nice places. My apartment is about 15 minutes from Stephansplatz City (heart of Vienna) and 20 minutes from BOKU by car via Google maps, and I imagine that’ll be different through the metro. My address abroad is:

Sechshauserstraße 31/436

1150 Wien

T-28 days until departure! I’m feeling grateful and excited!!Sechshauser_1


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