Guten Morgen!

I’m finally in Vienna, and wow, it’s beautiful. The pictures on the internet aren’t adequate, I promise.

Funny pre-departure story: I cried from the moment I arrived at the airport until I boarded the plane. Serious tears, not crocodile tears. I wasn’t crying because I was going to miss my parents or home, or the usual leaving home for a long time sadness, it was because I forgot to grab my winter coat. Yes, my winter coat of all things. I think the “stress” from packing and sleep deprivation was the cause. The people in the security check-in line thought I had missed my flight and allowed me to go to the front, and it wasn’t a short line. That’s how bad it was. So yeah, first time for everything. Haha. Moral of the story is: when your mom tells you a month before you have to leave to start packing, just do it.

First time flying was pretty cool. I remember when the plane was lifting off, eyes wide and jaw dropped, I couldn’t contain my excitement. My fear of experiencing bad turbulence completely escaped my mind. I realized the man behind me was probably thinking I was weird, so I tried to act natural. LOL. There’s something about seeing the world in bird’s eye-view that just feels surreal. We definitely take it’s beauty for granted and to think it was all created in just 6 days. I took a picture of the view from the window seat (best seats), and it’s currently my lock screensaver.

If I could be an inanimate object, I’d be a cloud.

I sat by some of the nicest people. I met a Rick & Oliver on the 1st flight, Michael on the final flight, London who’s studying abroad in Spain, and 3 others. Michael and I were stuck in the longest check-in line in Amsterdam, he gave me some nice tips about Austria and places to see in Vienna, and also 5 Euros because he felt I’d need it (which I did when I arrived). Stephanie and I finally reunited in Amsterdam, and taking the final flight to Vienna together was definitely calming. Out of all of the flights, the 1.5 hours flight to Vienna was the only one that I got “good” sleep on.

When we arrived in Vienna, we met up with our buddies who knew each other but didn’t realize they were next to each other. So that was funny, lol.  Their names are Vera and Sophia, cool peoples. Side note: Justin Bieber was playing on the radio during the car ride. HAhaha, everyone knows how I feel about JB. It was a good welcoming.  My buddy, Vera, made the 1st two days waaaay less stressful than it would have been if we had to do it all alone. On the 1st day we got settled in our apartments and bought some groceries; I can’t remember what else we did, but it was all tiring. On the 2nd day, we registered our housing for the city records, registered at the school and registered for some classes. We also visited BOKU and learned that it has been under construction for 2 years, so there’s a different campus location. The school is beautiful!!! We had lunch at the mensa (cafeteria) ~ it was interesting to say the least. Lol.


Another funny story: It took us awhile to actually get to the school. We used the correct public transit, but it was the walking by GPS that was a problem. So after walking for 20+ minutes when GPS said it would take 8 mins to get to the school, we realized that we were following the driving directions instead of the walking directions. I really didn’t know how to react, and Stephanie was frustrated. Lol, it wasn’t anything that the food couldn’t make up for though. I think we were pretty exhausted after that, and then we found out that the school was under construction. Lol, just an interesting adventure. Everything was good after we met with Vera.

After we got the important things out of the way on Tues. & Wed. , we had Thurs. to ourselves. We had lunch at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Yamm! The food was delicious, and we’ll probably go back a couple more times.  Side note: they don’t really have “public” restrooms here. We found a Starbucks that did and it was underground and had a code to enter. Serious stuff, I know right. After lunch, we were really tired and just went back to our apartments. We live about 20 minutes away from each other. I’ll probably post pictures of my apartment later. It’s really comfortable; they accommodate international students very well. Later in the evening, I went out to dinner with Victor and his friends Abigail, Tennesey, and Louisa. They’re hilarious. At first I felt out of place at the table because I couldn’t understand any of the German they were speaking, but dinner was great overall and they also speak English and Yoruba :D! I plan on learning a lot of German from them.

Here are some food pictures 😛

Well, it’s Friday, 10:30 AM here, and I’m feeling the need to take a nap. Add me on snapchat for daily adventures @oyedam0la and instagram @missoyedamola!




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