The Tourist.

The Schonbrunn Palace

IMG_1384Before I traveled, I told myself that I’d blog at least once a week. HAHA! So, the first 2 weeks here was spent sight-seeing, and I crossed a few places off of my ‘Vienna to-do list’. Yes, that’s a real list. The first major sight I visited was the Schonbrunn Palace, and it was phenomenal. It’s the first palace I’ve ever visited in my life. It was hard to decide which direction to walk after entering the gate, but the palace looked great from every angle! I was advised to go back and see how the setting changes each month, and since it’s only a 25 minutes walk from my apartment, I’m excited to see the changes!

Schonbrunn Palace

Below is the Danube River at night.

IMG_1004.JPG It’s 1 of Europe’s longest rivers, and it runs through a handful of EU countries, from Germany to Romania. One thing that goes unnoticed when passing through the river-walk is its youthfulness. I don’t think there’s a wall without graffiti art on it, and that just makes the entire place more attractive.

Danube River-walk Art

2nd (?) floor of the Museum of Natural History


I didn’t get to enjoy this museum as much as I could have because I wanted to take as many pictures as possible. The life-sized animals were fascinating, and I had to capture it all for my younger brothers. Haha. I’ll probably be going back for a 2nd visit later in the semester. The building itself is beautiful; take a look at the ceiling!


The Oh-So-Beautiful Belvedere Palace!!!


I’m sure there’s a vacant room in 1 of these palaces that I can call mine. Yeah so, this definitely surpassed Schonbrunn— ‘nouf said.

The Emperial Palace (Hofburg)


You weren’t really there if you didn’t take a selfie, right? I’ve been through the Hofburg Palace twice, and the next time I set foot in that area, I’m going in.

There’s a lot more to these places than the pictures can show, and I hope to learn more about Wien’s history with my stay here. The city is beautiful both during the day and at night. Everything lights up at night leaving you in awe.


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