Schooling at BOKU! (Summer semester)

The semester ends in about 3 weeks, and the end came sooner than I thought it would. I mean, it feels like I was talking about how far away June was just yesterday! Now, it’s here and I have to face the reality of things ending here at BOKU.

During the week of orientation, the International Programs Liason told us that our schedule would be “interesting” to say the least. She warned us that many lectures at BOKU have conflicting times and you’d sometimes have to leave in the middle of a lecture to attend another one at a completely different campus (they’re no more than ~25 minutes apart). So because of this, I had to change up my entire schedule and take some different classes from the ones I originally intended on taking. Some classes I’m taking are: Corporate Sustainability, Food and Agricultural Policies in New Institutional Economics, Principles of Commodity Markets and Trade Theory, Resource and Environmental Economics, National and International Food Safety Authorities, and more.

Lectures range from 1 to 2 hours and other seminar classes can last up to 8 hours. Seminars are usually the ones that only meet up 4-6 times for the entire semester. This was something completely different from what I was used to. Some classes are once per week, while others are once or twice per month, and sometimes even just a weekend and you’re done for the semester. You’d be surprised! Our exams range from oral to written and sometimes group presentations that are evaluated throughout the duration of the semester. You’re graded on a scale of 1-5 — 1 being seihr gut (very good, equivalent to an A) and 5 being nicht ausreichend (not satisfactory, equivalent to a F). The professors are extremely active in their fields and usually have professions outside of teaching that tie into the classes they teach. Most of them are also easy to talk to, which is excellent.

BOKU has a 3 week Easter break, and many students take advantage of this break to travel. There were also a handful of national and school holidays. Also something different from America’s system.

I’ve really enjoyed my classes at BOKU and their different set-ups. I wish our schedules were more consistent though.



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